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Dental Bridges in Morgan Hill CA

What Is Dental Bridges?
A dental bridge is a fixed restoration to replace one or more missing teeth and is mostly made of crowns held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of the gap. They are similar to the natural teeth look, shape, and function like natural teeth and are custom-made for every patient, mostly from porcelain.

How Does A Dental Bridge Work?

A typical dental bridge has two parts, An Abutment tooth to lend support on each side of the bridge and a Pontics, a false tooth that fills in the gap and attaches to the crowns.

They can help restore the teeth lost to disease, an injury, decay, or a failed root canal and are particularly helpful for patients who can’t get implants for medical reasons.

The bridge helps to restore the smile, the ability to chew properly, speech and pronunciation and helps to maintain the shape of the face while also deterring the remaining teeth from moving out of the right position.

It is a quicker procedure and doesn’t require invasive surgery unless the bridge is supported by implants. It has a faster recovery time and is a more affordable option.

How Long Can A Dental Bridge Last?

Dental bridges usually last between five and seven years. However, with good oral hygiene, regular professional cleanings, and good overall health the bridge may last more than 10 years.

Can A Bridge Be Removed And Recemented?

The removal of a damaged bridge depends on a number of factors. It is quite easy to remove and repair loose bridges. This allows the dentist to recement the bridge into place.

But as the cement used to bond a bridge in place is designed to last for many years and it may not always be possible to remove a bridge without damaging the support of surrounding teeth.

The bridge can be tried to be tapped off by the dentist but this can often lead to an injury and even fracture of the support teeth. Thus in these cases, the dentist needs to drill off the bridge and create a new one.

The decision the removal the bridge depends on the cause of the bridge failure, the strength of the current bridge bond, the quality of the supporting teeth, and the desired result.

Do Dental Bridges Fall Off?

Tooth Decay Under or Around the Bridge Recurrent tooth decay affecting the supporting teeth is one of the most common reasons for bridges to fall off.

Though bridges and crowns cover the majority of the supporting tooth, there is still an area that’s exposed to food and decay-causing bacteria. Lack of oral hygiene especially in that area can lead to the development of cavities.

Small cavities can start at the crown’s margin and expand deeper. If they are not treated, cavities can travel deeper in the tooth until there’s not enough tooth structure left to support a crown.

Improper Bite

An irregular pattern of the bite around the affected area can be another reason for the bridge to fall off as it creates pressure points across the dental bridge.

An area in the bridge where it’s too high on the chewing surface could be hit harder than other areas. At Morgan hill dentistry, we make sure all occlusions are carefully examined and adjustments are done whenever necessary.

When a bridge falls out, it’s important to save the restoration. Keeping it in a zip bag can keep you from losing it before you get to us. Bring it along with you in case it can be bonded back into place.

The structure of the supporting tooth is to be checked to see if it is sound enough to continue supporting the restoration. We will simply cement the bridge back if it is possible.

However, if the supporting teeth are not stable enough, the area will need to be treated with a new restoration or we might offer another type of tooth replacement after an examination of the issue that led to the bridge falling off in the first place.

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